Summing this Blog Up

Since my first year of university, I began to watch TV. I watched TV before that, of course, but in a very casual way. I’d catch the three or four shows that I kept track of each week, but mostly I watched Seinfeld and Frasier reruns; whatever was on, basically. As I started to expand my TV horizons and watch shows more religiously, I found more and more shows that I felt I needed to catch up on.

Sometimes friends would recommend a show to me, or I’d just read an article or a post about it. One day a good friend of mine mentioned that I might like Veronica Mars, and I loved it. I think it took me less than a month to zip through all three seasons.

Now I get a lot of TV recommendations from the amazing bloggers out there. A short list of my favourites includes Alan Sepinwall, Daniel Fienberg, Cultural Learnings, among others. I also learned, through reading a lot of TV blogging, that I enjoyed reading episode-by-episode reviews (but not recaps) almost as much as watching the shows themselves. So for me, someone who very much enjoys writing, the natural course of action was to start writing about TV.

I’m not going to review every TV show I watch (this would take up far too much time). I’m not even going to review close to the amount of TV I watch (for now). When I decided to blog about TV, I wanted to set a project for myself. I wanted to review something that wasn’t getting a huge amount of attention from other critics at the moment (Mad Men, for example, would be far too daunting ) but that also isn’t too obscure or old.

What is it, you ask? I’m going to watch Alias, for the first time—I know basically nothing about the series, other than that it stars Jennifer Garner and makes reference to mysterious Rambaldi artifacts at some point in the show. I’ll start with season one. I don’t promise to do the entire series, but no matter how I feel about the show after I start watching, I promise to finish out the first season.

So if you like Alias, or you’re like me and want to see it but never have, I hope you’ll tag along for this wild ride with me. I’m going to discuss episodes similar to how I approached studying literature in university. This means a focus on character interaction, style of presentation, dialogue, and story. I won’t be talking only about these things, but I will lean heavily on these elements in my reviews.


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