Review: Being Erica Season 4, Episode 4: “Born This Way”

Erica doesn't even play golf in this episode

Being Erica has always been a mixture of a bunch of ideas. Sometimes it’s a strangely mythology-focused hour, getting into what happens in this mystical therapy (especially last season, with all the time travel and group therapy stuff). Other times it’s more a straight up dramedy, with a bit of a big-city Gilmore Girls-esque feel to it. This week was more of the latter, with a time travel story typical of the show. Spoilers and reactions after the break.Yesterday’s time travel story involved high school antics, which I always find amusing if only to see Erin Karpluk’s reactions to the ridiculousness that goes on. The flashbacks definitely have a more comedic feel to them, since these days Erica is more confident. You can see this in how she reacts to Zach, the douchey guy who “buys” her at the auction. And like most of Erica’s good intentions in the flashbacks, she messes up and probably makes things worse, while learning something about herself. No surprises there.

This week’s episode was also unquestionably a Brent-centric one, which makes me happy because Brent is one of the more entertaining supporting characters (better than Erica’s high-school friends in the current day). However, it’s always a bit awkward when Being Erica brings back a generally sidelined character (last week, Erica’s mom) and does an entire episode about that character, but I find Brent endlessly entertaining, so I don’t mind. This episode, combined with last week’s, have been too after-school-special-y, though. Last week ended with Erica’s mom meeting her long-lost son, and this week with Brent not agreeing to screw over 50/50 press.

I like Being Erica better in the small moments. How she deals with Dr. Tom in her weekly sessions, compared to earlier seasons (her first reaction to Dr. Tom bringing up the list: “Come on with the list, didn’t you hear what I just said?”), and how she genuinely tries to give people good advice, and take the advice herself, even if it often ends up doing more harm than good.

I hope as the season progresses that we get less “hey look how happy everyone is at the end of the episode” and more interesting conflicts. And of course, more completely unrealistic portrayals of publishing. (Full disclosure: I work in publishing in Toronto, and this show is very silly in that department.)

Random meta joke of the episode: The actress who plays Jenny was actually in Degrassi. As I’ve said before, meta-TV jokes make me laugh.

And my favourite moment of the episode:

Erica: "No." Zach: "Okay, Erica strangely boring."

Note: People have been getting to this post by googling who showed up at the end of this episode. It was Kai, the guy from the future who had a band and used to work at Goblins.

3 Responses to “Review: Being Erica Season 4, Episode 4: “Born This Way””
  1. Zam V. Gibran says:

    I love erica… but I totally agree with you aboutthe happy endings…. we need more conflict

    • Andrew says:

      I suspect as the season goes on, we’ll get more conflict from the Erica-becomes-a-doctor storyline, but right now those bits aren’t very compelling, since they boil down to Erica giving someone advice and having it work out okay in the end. Lameo, so far.

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