The Blog: Summing Up will be a collection of my thoughts on (mostly) individual episodes of television. And sometimes comics. This will include ruminations on typical elements such as plot, characters, and dialogue, as well as more abstract ideas, such as serialization vs. episodic television, spoilers, and anything else that pops into my head. The title of the blog is a riff on the title of Somerset Maugham’s (my favourite author) autobiography, The Summing Up.

What I’m Watching: Some of the shows I’m watching and really liking these days: Carnivale, a lot of new TV.

The Blogger: Andrew Gordon is currently coordinating production editor at Emond Montgomery Publications in Toronto. He studied English in university and also worked on two literary publications while there. He loves to edit, and even more so loves to get paid to edit. He really likes Somerset Maugham. He never travels anywhere without a book or his iPhone to accompany him. He’s a nerd. He enjoys reading, biking, beer, cooking, and, most importantly, watching lots of television. Among his favourite shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The West Wing, Breaking Bad, The Wire, and Veronica Mars, and Bunheads.

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