Alias: The Box, Parts One and Two

Hi Quentin!

I’ve been following Ryan McGee’s Alias reviews over at TV Club Classic, and this two-parter was getting some hype from the comments section. People were saying things like “everything before ‘The Box’ just runs together” and how it was a high point of the season. I don’t entirely disagree with him or the commenters, but … Continue reading

Alias S1E04: “Have you ever spied on anyone?”

Tense. I’d describe season one, episode four of Alias as damn tense. With each episode, tension is building, even though it’s so early in the series. And that is a large part of what makes me want to watch more, probably a bigger part than the actual cliffhangers, which tend to get resolved quickly in … Continue reading

Alias S1E03: “Sydney, you’re dropping the ball”

Getting right to the action today, so spoilers for season one, episode three of Alias after the jump.

Alias S1E02: “There’s some bad people in this world”

Have you heard of a show called Covert Affairs? It’s been suggested that it’s a bit of an Alias reboot, only without the mythology, the Rambaldi artifacts (which I haven’t met yet, but I am eagerly awaiting), the complex double agent serialization. And all I can say, after watching only the second episode of Alias, … Continue reading

Alias S1E01: “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

Before I get into the review part of this post, a warning. I’m going to spoil stuff that happens in this episode. I may also spoil minor things that I am not supposed to know yet (I have a bad habit of visiting IMDB to see how many episode a character is in when they … Continue reading