Comic Corner: Morning Glories, Issue 3 Review

Morning Glories has a habit of following up a cliffhanger with something so wild that you don’t even remember what the cliffhanger was. Think about how other forms of media return after a “to be continued.” Most pick up the story right where it left off, and finish that plot fairly quickly. Consider many of … Continue reading

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 2 Review

Continuing on with my series of Morning Glories, we arrive at Issue #2, which features one of the more memorable covers and scenes, as well as introductions, hints, and foreshadowing for a number of different plotlines and flashbacks that appear later on. Full review after the break.

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 1 Review, Part 2


I ended my review of part 1 with our heroes being drugged on the way to Morning Glory Academy (MGA). So let’s pick up, appropriately, when they’re waking up from the drive to their new school/prison/hell.

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 1 Review, Part 1

I came to Morning Glories (MG) a bit late. But I loved every issue I read. So I wanted to spend a little more time on the series, and what better way to do so than to review each issue. Starting with number 1.

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Review

I read a review of issue 16, the most recent issue, of a comic series called Morning Glories that I’d never heard of before on Sunday night. Well, I didn’t read the whole review. I got about halfway through, was spoiled on a few minor points, and stopped reading. I stopped reading not because I … Continue reading