Review: Husbands Season 1

Nathan Fillion: Action Sports Reporter!

I don’t really like web series. I think the medium, overall, is inferior to 20- or 40-minute blocks of television. 2-10 minute segments are extremely short, and unless it’s a show going solely for laughs, such as NTSF:SD:SUV::, I just don’t think web series can be as involving as more traditional TV shows. So that’s … Continue reading

A Truer True Blood: Missing the Good Days (and Nights)

Pam! Jessica! Plaid shirt!

True Blood is not a good show anymore. It’s okay—more on par with Entourage than Game of Thrones. There are many silly characters with unclear motivations, tired plotlines, and are generally interesting. I audibly sigh every time a scene focuses on Tara, Sam, Jason, or Hotshot. Since I have been feeling pretty irritated by True … Continue reading

Louie: A Strangely Structured Show

What a strange show. Not at all in a bad way, but watching this is really a bit more like watching a comedy routine with pictures than an actual TV show. Actually, Louie reminds me a lot of shows like Kim Possible and The Weekenders, both cartoons I used to watch as a kid. These … Continue reading

In Plain Sight Finale: “What is this, some kind of joke?”

I read a comment about an episode of In Plain Sight saying something like “this show stays faithful to a recipe, someone has trouble getting into witsec, Mary helps,” etc. describing the steps of each episode. The commenter wasn’t wrong—this show is a procedural, and not one that veers from its typical plot very often. … Continue reading