Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 2 Review

Continuing on with my series of Morning Glories, we arrive at Issue #2, which features one of the more memorable covers and scenes, as well as introductions, hints, and foreshadowing for a number of different plotlines and flashbacks that appear later on. Full review after the break. Advertisements

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 1 Review, Part 2


I ended my review of part 1 with our heroes being drugged on the way to Morning Glory Academy (MGA). So let’s pick up, appropriately, when they’re waking up from the drive to their new school/prison/hell.

Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 1 Review, Part 1

I came to Morning Glories (MG) a bit late. But I loved every issue I read. So I wanted to spend a little more time on the series, and what better way to do so than to review each issue. Starting with number 1.

Review(s): Being Erica, Episodes 6, 7, 8

I wanted to freeze Erica saying "Shazam!" after taking Julianne to her apartment, but that was impossible.

I’ve been busy lately, so I fell behind on my Being Erica reviews. Apologies, readers. Instead of writing each one up individually, I want to talk about these as a group of episodes that have really responded to my problems with this season. They’ve all explored the mythology of the doctors and how Erica’s journey … Continue reading

Alias S1E02: “There’s some bad people in this world”

Have you heard of a show called Covert Affairs? It’s been suggested that it’s a bit of an Alias reboot, only without the mythology, the Rambaldi artifacts (which I haven’t met yet, but I am eagerly awaiting), the complex double agent serialization. And all I can say, after watching only the second episode of Alias, … Continue reading

Alias S1E01: “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

Before I get into the review part of this post, a warning. I’m going to spoil stuff that happens in this episode. I may also spoil minor things that I am not supposed to know yet (I have a bad habit of visiting IMDB to see how many episode a character is in when they … Continue reading