Comic Corner: Morning Glories Review

I read a review of issue 16, the most recent issue, of a comic series called Morning Glories that I’d never heard of before on Sunday night. Well, I didn’t read the whole review. I got about halfway through, was spoiled on a few minor points, and stopped reading. I stopped reading not because I … Continue reading

Downton Abbey: Season 2 Midpoint Review

Fancy new outfit for Downton and Matthew

When I tell people that I watch Grey’s Anatomy, or Awkward., or The Vampire Diaries, I have to defend my reasons for watching. For Grey’s, well, I’ve been watching it for 6+ years and I’m not likely to stop until it’s over. Awkward. is adorable. The Vampire Diaries is much better than its title, subject … Continue reading

A Truer True Blood: Missing the Good Days (and Nights)

Pam! Jessica! Plaid shirt!

True Blood is not a good show anymore. It’s okay—more on par with Entourage than Game of Thrones. There are many silly characters with unclear motivations, tired plotlines, and are generally interesting. I audibly sigh every time a scene focuses on Tara, Sam, Jason, or Hotshot. Since I have been feeling pretty irritated by True … Continue reading