Comic Corner: Morning Glories Issue 2 Review

Continuing on with my series of Morning Glories, we arrive at Issue #2, which features one of the more memorable covers and scenes, as well as introductions, hints, and foreshadowing for a number of different plotlines and flashbacks that appear later on. Full review after the break. Advertisements

Meta TV

There’s no TV humour that I love quite as much as meta references. And I don’t mean when a TV show really lets you know that it’s a TV show, but when a show makes jokes or references to other TV shows or movies, either just for fun or because of a certain guest star. … Continue reading

Summing this Blog Up

Since my first year of university, I began to watch TV. I watched TV before that, of course, but in a very casual way. I’d catch the three or four shows that I kept track of each week, but mostly I watched Seinfeld and Frasier reruns; whatever was on, basically. As I started to expand … Continue reading